Services & Fees

Adult Individual Therapy

(17+ year-olds interested in therapy for themselves)


Attachment/Developmental/Relational Trauma/Complex PTSD, Situational Trauma/PTSD, Relationship Issues, Co-Dependency, Social Anxiety, Stress, Life Transitions, Feeling Stuck, Anxiety/Fears, Chronic Pain or Illness, Dissociation

What to expect in therapy:

Each session, and our work in general, will be organized in a way that is most catering to your felt-sense of safety within both our connection and your environment for living. I want to help you find your sense of empowerment to identify, seek, and truly flourish in relationships and in the structure of your life. We'll share leadership in setting our goals and in identifying the direction of our work in each session. I like to say, "I'll always have a Plan B for our sessions, but if you have a different Plan A, then we'll honor your more urgent need." My Plan B is to prepare you for and support you in the discovery and healing of painful roots of unhelpful patterns of relating to yourself and others in your present relationships. 

We are able to schedule weekly 50-minute sessions, 90-minute sessions, or multi-hour intensive sessions.

Couples Therapy

What to expect in therapy:

I use the structure and tools of Gottman Method Couples Counseling informed by and supplemented with materials from attachment-focused couples therapy including the work of: Kay and Milan Yerkovich, Stan Tatkin, and Sue Johnson. 

The first session is the space for me to hear your romance story. I will offer some guidance and listen as you both share. Following the session, I share a link to attain some additional information about patterns in the relationship. In the second week, I meet with each partner individually to understand each of your individual stories and styles better. Then in the third session, we bring that together and formulate a plan based on priority, understanding the foundation that is already established.

Couples sessions are 110-minute sessions, while individual sessions can be scheduled at either 50-minutes or 110-minutes. I have found that 110-minutes really is necessary to ensure both partners leave sessions feeling heard and hopefully more known and understood. Additionally, we have the option of scheduling longer, multi-hour sessions as an in-home, telehealth, intensive experience.

*If you experience domestic violence in your relationship or one or both of you abuse drugs and/or alcohol, please continue your search for couples therapists who have the specializations that meet your current needs. 

* If you are interested in a more pure PACT psychobiological approach to couple counseling, please let me know, as I am currently in training.

Cost of Therapy

50 - minute sessions: $150/ 90 - minute sessions: $270/ 110 - minutes sessions: $330

Longer sessions are prorated

Sliding fee possibly available 

I am currently out-of-network for all insurances. I do have all my clients set to automatically receive monthly superbills that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you have a PPO plan.