Webinars & Podcasts

The Adult Chair - Michelle Chalfant offers her own approach, sort of a simplified parts model, to therapy with a Child Chair, Adolescent Chair, and Adult Chair. On her podcast, she interviews experts in spirituality and psychology, allowing listeners to understand how the Chair concept interacts with other theories and practices.

The Avaiya Institute - a platform for online, multi-day webinar series on topics such as: narcissistic abuse, co-dependency, depression, childhood trauma, low self-esteem, and many more

HowWeLove Attachment Styles and Core Pattern - a therapy model website that offers an Attachment Style inventory, as well as, shows how a couple's differing Attachment Styles interact in a relationship. 

Brene Brown - author and speaker who mostly speaks about shame, vulnerability, and trust, has a podcast, a summary audiobook with her narration, many books, Tedtalks, interviews, and articles that are all great reads/listens

Help Me Be Me - for people who want self-help to not feel like self-help 

 Sleepy Cat and Michelle's Sanctuary - Sleep Sounds for people who feel comforted by someone's voice putting them to sleep